How do I test that my multi-stage HVAC unit is working with my Ecovent connected Sensi?

If you have a multi-stage HVAC system, you can tell your Sensi that you want the higher stage(s) to kick on sooner to provide faster conditioning of your home.  This features is called the Boost feature. To learn more about the boost feature, and how to turn it on, please see the following information. 


What is the Boost feature?

The Boost feature is available on systems with multiple indoor or multiple outdoor stages of heating or cooling.  Boost “On” provides maximum comfort.  Boost “Off” provides maximum efficiency.

How does the Boost feature work?

When the Boost setting is turned “On,” all available heating or cooling stages will be utilized when the temperature is manually changed by three degrees—a three degree increase in heat mode, or a three degree decrease in cool mode.
When the Boost setting is turned “Off,” the thermostat will utilize additional stages based on a calculation of current system performance.
The Boost feature is defaulted to “On” to provide comfort rapidly when the temperature is adjusted three or more degrees in the corresponding mode. 

Where is the Boost feature located?

For systems with multiple indoor or multiple outdoor stages of heating or cooling, the Boost feature will appear in the Sensi app under the Sensi Menu (three bars in the upper left corner).  Choose “Settings,” then “Advanced Settings.”  The Boost feature can be turned “On” or “Off” from this screen.

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