Why does my Android device disconnect from the Sensi network?

When using an Android device to complete the connection process, you may need to change the “Avoid Poor Connection” or “Auto Network Switch” setting within your device’s Wi-Fi Advanced Settings.  These settings are designed to block a weak internet connection and should be turned off during the provisioning process. Follow the steps below to ensure your device connects to the Sensi network:


•    From the device home screen, select “Settings”

•    Select “Wi-Fi” and open the menu

•    Select “Advanced” or “Advanced Wi-Fi”

•    Uncheck the box that says “Avoid Poor Connections” or “Auto Network Switch”


Go back into the app and begin the connection process again. Your device should now maintain a connection with the Sensi network until the thermostat can connect to your home Wi-Fi network in the next connection step.

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