My Vent has lost connection with the Hub

If your Vent loses connection with the Hub there are a few steps you can try. Continue down this list until the connection is restored:

  • Remove the battery pack from the Vent and reinsert it
  • If the issue is still continuing after five (5) minutes, remove the battery pack and try again using a fresh set of batteries in the battery pack
  • Unplug that room's Sensor from the wall and plug it back in
    • Check that the outlet the Sensor is plugged into is not controlled by a switch and that the outlet has power
    • If you are unsure if the outlet has power, try plugging something else into the outlet such as a lamp
  • If you are still having trouble, perform a soft reset on the hub by pressing the soft reset button on the back of the hub, next to the power cord

*Do NOT reset the vent via the reset button under the faceplate as this will disconnect the vent from your Ecovent system and will require you to install the vent again.

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