What thermostats are compatible?

If you're interested in switching to an Ecovent compatible thermostat, the best way to ensure it’s compatible is to buy it straight from Ecovent.

Ecovent requires a wifi enabled thermostat that integrates with our system, as well as a common wire to provide continuous power to the thermostat.

In order to check for a common wire, or c-wire, please follow these steps. If you don't have a c-wire it's not a problem, and you have a few options:

  • Have a contractor come in and install a c-wire for you
  • Buy an adapter
  • Email support@ecoventsystems.com to talk through other ideas.


Supported Thermostats

Currently Ecovent is compatible with Emerson's Sensi Comfort Thermostat, which you can order along with your Ecovent system.  


We are planning to integrate with all popular thermostats in the future. If there’s a particular thermostat you want prioritized for integration, please let us know by emailing support@ecoventsystems.com!

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