How to edit/update an existing Scene

If you'd like to modify or update an existing scene, follow these steps below:

  • Start on the Home screen of your Ecovent app and tap the clock icon in the upper right corner
    • This will lead you to the page labeled "Scenes" at the top


  • To update/modify a scene, tap "Edit" in the top right corner and then tap on the name of the scene you would like to edit
    • Depending on the version of your app, this may appear as an icon

IMG_3771.PNG   IMG_3772.PNG

  • To set the thermostat mode for the scene, select Heat, Cool, or Off by tapping on "Thermostat mode"
  • To toggle a room as vacant/occupied tap the middle of that room's icon
    • When you see a numbers for a room, that room is set to occupied
    • When you see an icon for a room, that room is set to vacant

IMG_3773.PNG IMG_3774.PNG

  • To adjust the set temperature for a room in that scene, tap the up or down arrow
  • Below your room settings, you can select a color for the scene or if you'd like the fan to run on auto (normal setting) or on (with the fan constantly running for this scene)
  • Be sure to select "save" in the top right corner to save the changes to your scene
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