I accidentally reset a vent; how do I add it to my system again?

If you've accidentally reset a vent and found it with a flashing LED:

  • First delete/disconnect the vent from the app
    • Tap on the room to view the room detail
    • Enter the room settings by tapping the wrench in the top right corner of the screen
    • Select the delete/disconnect vent option for the Vent ID that has already been reset or needs to be removed
    • Reset the vent by briefly pressing the reset button once
      • You should feel the button depress
      • If done correctly, there will be a short pause and then the vent will perform a calibration (open and close). Once complete, the LED will resume Flashing
    • Enter the room settings again and choose to "add a vent"
    • Follow the prompts on screen to connect you vent
      • Be sure to select "Done with room setup" at the bottom of your main screen, then return to the home screen of the Ecovent app to resume your normal Ecovent operation
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